Life, Chocolate and Gossip Girl

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a blog for what feels like ages now and naturally now it comes down to it I have what I think they describe as writers block. Well I suppose the best thing to do would just be to explain why? Why out of all the god knows how many blogs out there (not even exaggerating blogging is now as popular as bluetoothing the latest Girls Aloud song was in high school) should you bother to read mine? Honestly i’m not even sure yet but if you stick with me I think I could be pretty good at this because I read that all you need to blog is an opinion and a computer. Tick on both accounts.

In life I am a pretty average human. Smaller than most, brunette even though I refused to accept this fact till last year and still swear on my life I am a ‘natural blonde’, normal build, unhealthy love of both chocolate and Gossip Girl and tendency to cry at the x-factor auditions with even a hnt of a sob story ( yes I am that one who cries when the 50th sad looking Tesco worker comes on and explains how she always wanted to better her life and proceeds to sing an awful version ofHero). I am just a girl. But hopefully so are you (or a boy I don’t discriminate i’m sure your not all bad) so at least that’s something we have in common. I’m just a person who struggles with the longing to look like a Victoria’s Secret angel but eat a whole tub of Ben and Jerrys in one sitting and dreams of a life like the one I watch (okay slightly obsessively) in Gossip Girl. So I guess that makes me pretty average but I have always loved writing and talking so if I can entertain you for a few minutes when I remember to update this then I will have done what I set out to do.

I will be (sometimes stupidly) honest about my life and experience because I am of the ’empower others with the lessons you’ve learnt’ variety. I think it came from reading too many magazine agony aunt articles myself and I have always been the one people (and I mostly mean my sister) come to when they need advice or honesty. Like when you know that skirt looks awful on but you saw it on the hanger and imagined this whole new person you would be if you brought it and you need someone  to say with the deepest love  ‘put it down it makes you look like John Travolta in Hairspray’.

So I hope you’ll want to have a look at some other things on my page and laugh along with me or just share in my , sometimes helpful, advice from my experiences.

Either way I love writing this and it was my new years resolution to do more things that I love (at least I will have done one because lets not lie I make the get toned and healthy one every year just out of good will that one day it might just happen on its own and I will notice whilst sitting on the sofa watching goggle box with a box of milk tray).

So I look forward to doing some writing and sharing some of my life with you,


P.s another things you will learn about me is that I love quotes, like literally live my life by them so maybe I will share afew with you because I think we can all learn something from the wise people that went before us.

” Love many, trust few and always paddle your own canoe”

(Not 100% who said this but they were as wise as Destiny’s Child and they really knew what they were talking about ‘all the women independent’)


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