And if all else fails.. Yoga it out of your system.

Uni is hard work. I feel like I was cheated, nobody ever mentioned that to me. I sweated it out doing my A-levels all in the hope that everyone told me they are the ‘hard part’ and you see everyone finish sixth form or college or whatever and go off and have an amazing time blah blah blah. Well it is a lie. I never actually thought about the work I would have to do at uni just the friends I would make and the new experiences I would have there. Which is bad considering I was doing primary education.

I am currently sitting avoiding work, an activity I have been practising all my life (not a clue how I made it through education). I don’t know for other courses I am talking strictly primary Ed but I feel like the lie needs to end now. Uni is difficult. Assignments, placement where you have to get up at the crack of dawn, lectures which feel more worthless than citizenship lessons in high school. Its rough and that is before you add in the complex situation that is living in halls.

Just to paint you a picture imagine I’m a celebrity but instead of everyone leaving the Jungle to a champagne toast everyone has to stay and deal with up to 6 people they have only known for a couple of weeks without resorting to a murder/suicide solution. Now I like all of my flat so I can only imagine what goes down if you don’t but even so when they leave their rubbish around it can feel like you will very soon be on the other side of the law.

My solution? Yoga it out of your system. I tried this when I did my A-levels and I have to say weird as it is it actually works and hey anything which prevents murder is definitely worth a try.

So although this post may have seemed random and strange it is basically a shout out to all of those people who are finding life hard or who have wanted to kill one of their friends because they left the oven on or for those of you who are yet to discover the joys of uni ( I am over exaggerating lots of the time it is genuine fun) maybe its the person that stole your seat in Biology (just me? I was always weird about people pinching my seat). Your doing fine but my one suggestion which I live by ‘never let the sun set upon an argument’ basically don’t go to bed in a fat strop always sort things out before you hit the pillow. This is just basic common sense really, as we all know that stroppy sleeping leads to grouchy mornings and frowns which lead to wrinkles before your 30 and who wants that? Nope didn’t think so.


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