Writers block.

I am currently writing this in an attempt to justify putting off redrafting an assignment. It turns out the art of putting off work is one I have perfected.GCSE and A-level courseworks were my training and now at uni I have gone pro and can actually go an entire half term ( yes I still get half terms. Jelous? Take Primary Ed) without writing so much as 1 word on an assignment I aimed to have finished and started the next one. I know, you’re impressed. Now I don’t know about everyone else but assignment writing, well work in general, just puts me in the worst mood ever and this in turn means I am in too much of a strop to think which causes me to pronounce myself in a state of writers block and run for emergency tea and chocolate. None of this is useful or tackling the 3000 word assignment which is still waiting to be written but I am of the ‘chocolate cures everything’ belief and so I am hopeful that after drinking my tea and enjoying the happiness only a freshly opened bag of buttons can bring I will be somewhat more productive.

I was always one of those people who dreamed about getting on a plane instead of journeying to my A-level Biology classes or attempting yet another past paper. I’m not sure what it is about holidays but they just make life easier to deal with. The prospect of being able to go somewhere where you know nobody and anything could happen because there are so many new things just makes life so exciting. What’s sad is I’m relatively sure I spend my life excited about maybe a month a year in which I manage to escape to a different place for a holiday which makes me ask myself; am I wasting the other 11 months? Maybe my assignment writing would be more productive if I was on a beach somewhere instead of sitting at my desk in my tiny room with the smell of our vile student kitchen waiting for me outside my door. Well it’s worth a try the only question is First choice or Thomas cook?


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