I reckon sunshine is more powerful than vodka

Strange title I know but I really think there might be some logic. I have been in such a bad mood recently, drowning in reading and assignments will do that to you, but I woke up this morning to sun streaming through my window and I just knew that today would be better. Driving home for the day in my KA I had my sunglasses on, windows down and last years summer mix CD on (maybe a slight overreaction as it had only gone from minus temperatures to above freezing with abit of sun). Singing as I stopped at the traffic lights I just felt so much better about life and when I got home actually tackled the stack of books I got out of the library two weeks ago which have to be back in a week time and which I had just come to accept were going to be returned unread for fear of that 75p late charge (you can tell I’m a student).

Sitting in my garden looking at the hills (oh how I have missed looking at something other than a wall out of my window) with the radio on life felt good. And all of this just from a little bit of sunshine! So no matter how odd, I think that my argument is valid, sunshine may be more powerful than vodka ( and you don’t get the headache the next day). Fingers crossed the sun will stick around to keep me cheerful through my upcoming 3 weeks of placement. However no amount of sunshine (or vodka) in the world will keep me positive through two assignments, three weeks of placement and multiple observations plus a cheeky folder check. I’m going to need a holiday.


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