Working girl… I wish

We need to talk about the job situation. Why is getting a job as a student harder than finding that perfect bikini that is flattering yet also makes you look tanned? It angers me.

Do a-levels they said. It will benefit your future they said. Well, they lied.

Now, I am in somewhat of a difficult situation because, as a student teacher, even though our loans are still pretty rubbish we also have placement to contend with. So must search for a job who won’t mind when we have weeks of placement meaning we cannot work week days or evenings. But even so surely it should not be this hard.

Yes guys I have no experience, that is due to the fact that I did everything shy of selling my soul in order to get the a-levels which would allow me to attend university,y to do a course which isn’t paid for by the government, even though it is a public service.

And yes although I may be fully flexible one month next month I will spend all day 5 days a week talking to children, so flexibility? Not so much. But guess what, I am training to teach your children/grandchildren/cousins/nieces (you get the point). Show a bit of empathy?

But no such luck. I really have stepped into the shoes of these poor people who are constantly ridiculed for not having jobs and let me tell you, I feel their pain. I haven’t felt this rejected since I didn’t get my letter to Hogwarts. I’m sure it just got lost in the post.


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