My new favourite – Arbonne

I am not usually one to rave about products but I just had to share this beauty. Anyone who knows me will know that I love presents, so when this bag of goodies arrived I was in heaven. Arbonne is not a brand I am familiar with but after a little research I think I am going to be their most loyal customer. Aside from their products smelling and feeling fabulous you can sparkle guilt free in the knowledge that you aren’t putting anything harmful on your skin.

Orgionating in Switzerland this beautiful group of humans have ensured that all of their products are ‘pure, safe and beneficial’. I had no idea that some of the creams we regularly put on our face can have parabens and other nasty chemicals which will cause more trouble in the long run than that healthy glow is worth. It is for this reason that I love Arbonne so much. Aside from the fact that their products look and smell amazing, though there is that, and that their botanical principles mean you will sparkle on the inside and the outside they are also earth friendly and support a charity to help raise the confidence of teenagers.Could it get any better?

I highly reccommend the bath/shower gel which smells like you stepped into a spa not my grubby uni halls bathroom.


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