Everyone has an inner Regina George

Right this needs to be said. Our generation is crazy. Crazy, stupid and to be honest scary. With the rise of sites which claims to be for social networking but in reality is for social stalking with every new one that pops up we fall further and further into the black hole of the internet. Facebook, Instagram, snapchat are all part of my daily life, sad to admit but true. I love flicking through photos when I’ve got a spare 5 mins before a lecture. And as much as I think these sites have been ground breaking on so many levels for so many industries I also think they have, in some cases, caused more harm than good.

People greet you with ‘let’s take a selfie for insagram’ before you’ve even said hi or have 5000 min snapchats. It almost seems like people my age think that their day/ meeting/ celebration/ night out won’t have existed unless it is heavily documented and plastered online. Nowadays nobody is happy unless they make other people aware of how amazing their life is or how on trend they are.

What happened to just being happy with yourself and your life?

Now you have so many other people to compare yourself to that it is no surprise you will always find someone with something better.

We all know those people only going on that night out for the snapchat even though they don’t really like any of the people and they have an assignment due in the next day. Hell I’m sure we have all been that person too. But for every snapchat or Instagram of the most amazing night out what you don’t see is the 4 hours they spent in the changing room finding something to wear, the meltdown when the size 8 didn’t fit, the end of the night tears and the horrendous feeling the next morning. The thing is with these pictures people show you what they want you to see. They can craft this amazing, glamourous, made in Chelsea life style but really everyone is just doing the same thing.

I don’t know where this need to share every part of your day or life with everyone came from, I’m not innocent take a look at my Instagram, but I’ve got to say this obsession is dangerous because when your comparing yourself to other people you are always going to fall sort in some way.

I hate being so serious but I think the main reason I get so irritated by this is because it sets us back so far, especially as women. We should be building each other up, supporting each other sisterhood of the travelling pants style. Cheering each other on instead of being threatened by other women but when your being bombarded by altered, smiling, filtered, carefully choreographed photos it brings out everyone’s inner Regina George. Sit there and deny it all you like but we all get our back up when someone’s life looks amazing which really is just so sad. So my solution? Put the phone down, enjoy the moment and actually live it.


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