International Women’s Day – Where are your loyalties?

I know where many of my loyalties lie.

With chocolate I am firmly a Cadbury’s kind of gal, for beans it has to be Heinz, tights are firmly m and s and anything Victoria’s secret has my heart.

So why is it that we can pledge our loyalties to companies and trends so easily but when it comes to supporting each other we have a crisis of confidence and turn on one another. Today is International Women’s Day and for me this means thinking about what it really means to be a woman.

We know it’s important, Beyoncé doesn’t sing about just anything, but why is it that all of us independent women can’t support each other. Why is there still a culture of competition?

Truth is sisterhood is underrated nowadays. There is nothing like a good girl group to have your back, trust me I am a trainee teacher and nobody understands the pain of spending the whole day with 6 year olds who lick glue (I’m serious, it happened today, yes really) more than my amazing girlfriends. Just imagine the girl group we could have if everyone supported each other. If we didn’t feel threatened by that girl with the amazing Instagram worthy hair but instead complimented her and went on with life.

I was at my work out class last week and I overheard the ladies in front of me talking about the ‘front rowers’ and how they had missed a session last week tut, tut, tut, god forbid and I have to tell you, I was embarrassed. These were fully grown women and we were all there for the same reason, so why did they feel the need to be bitchy and threatened. I am no saint and I get it it’s hard not to tear them down to make yourself feel that bit better. I’ve been there myself when I’m on my second creame egg of the day and someone jogs past the window looking athletic…

Challenge yourself, be a sister not an enemy. After all we have enough problems in this world without turning on each other. Alone we are strong, together we are unstoppable. I am going to end it there before I break into song but before I do ‘All the women independent throw your hands up at me’.

Ok. Now I’m done.


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