Your not nineteen forever…

Apart from being the title of an amazing song by The Courteeners (which you can listen to here this song roamed around my head for months after I turned 20. No longer 19 I feel like that walk to being a fully grown adult type person is, a little bit like the walk of shame to the bin when you’ve eaten the entire chocolate bar when you swore loudly you would have ‘one square’, awkward and embarrassing.

Nobody mentions that, aside from legally being allowed to do all the things you’ve counted down the days to (driving, drinking, not lying about your age in the cinema) being an adult is ridiculously hard work. I am serious. It is a trap.

Now I know ‘technically’ you are an adult at 18 but there is something about hitting 20 that makes you think, this is it. I will need to grow up very soon and stop having ‘I did it last time’, ‘No I did it last time’ fights about the bins.

Something about that transition from 19-20 flicks a panic switch. Suddenly I’m thinking: I am incapable of saving, how will I ever buy a house, how do you even buy a house, what is a mortgage, who knows about these things, why don’t they teach me about mortgages in schools, what about credit cards, what is a credit score anyways, why do people have children, oh  no i will eventually be at an age of having children. How can I look after a small child when I still end up cooking emergency pizza and chips when my ‘New Recipe’ stir fry goes up in flames? You get my point.

This chain of thoughts often ends in far too much chocolate, I have a problem, and a Gossip Girl/ Gilmore Girls marathon to calm down.

This year I moved into my first house with my sister. I know yes it sounds very Lucy and Lydia sharing make up and cute Instagram house shots but more often than not the reality is washing piling up, trying to talk the dishwasher round (it just does not seem happy with doing its job, the dishes come out dirtier than they went in) and having a weird conversation with the nice man who has come to unblock the drains, which spontaneously blocked flooding the garden. Living the dream guys 🙂

I feel like this post has just been a rant about becoming an adult and I am making an effort to be more positive but really I bet lots of you understand my pain.

We just sorted the drains and the light in the kitchen decided it would be super fun to make every visit to the Kitchen into a disco. So, lucky us, it feels like your in a nightclub when you get up to make your morning toast. I don’t know about you but that is exactly what I want at 6.30 in a morning.

So to any teenagers who cannot wait to be an adult. Trust me, the waiting is sometimes the best bit. Enjoy yourself and make the most of not having to pretend you didn’t see the dirty dishes on the side…they can wait till i’ve watched one more Gossip Girl.

P.S not all of my posts will be this scattered and negative…sometimes you just need it.





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